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Policies and guidelines are structured to keep a collaborative effort orderly. WikiStamps is a collector's collaborative resource. This site is a gathering place for exchanging personal insights, specialized knowledge, and specific interests. To that end, following are general policies and guidelines for using the site:


  1. Have Fun: Enjoy yourself.
  2. Tell The Truth: Varying points of view are welcome but unsubstantiated declarations are not. Cite your sources. Deliberate spreading of misinformation will lead to a user's account being terminated.
  3. Be Polite: All users have a right to express their own opinions in discussions, and every other user must respect this right. Insults, "flaming" (posting abusive or insulting messages), and profanity are prohibited. WikiStamps welcomes all collectors, expert or novice. Contributors may come from different countries or cultures, or have different points of view. Treating others with respect is key to collaborating effectively. Articles should be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly, proportionately and without bias.
  4. No Controlling Behavior: Controlling behavior includes, but is not limited to, attempts to dominate a discussion by posting excessive responses, intentionally changing the discussion topic, or exhibiting an inappropriate or argumentative attitude. Controlling behavior is not permitted. This site supports and enjoyable atmosphere for it's collectros and violators will be removed.
  5. Stay on Topic: WikiStamps is a collaborative resource only. Material that does not fit this goal is not allowed. Articles are not for personal use ---use your User Page for personal material.
  6. Don't Break The Law: Do not submit copyrighted material (words or photos). WikiStamps is written by it's users ---by collectors for collectors. Submitting work which infringes copyrights will lead to account cancellation. WikiStamps respects copyrights and removes any material proven to be an infringement.
  7. No Profanity: WikiStamps is free speech and free market but profanity and pornography are not welcome.


  1. Use the "Show preview" button before saving a page. This prevents cluttering up the page-history.
  2. Use the "Discussion" tab. Introduce yourself to other article contributors. Cooperate with other collectors.
  3. Upload only photos you've taken yourself or have permission to upload. Don't take other people's photos.
  4. Keep in mind the views and expressions of the users are solely theirs and should not be taken as investment advice. Do your research and trade securely using WikiSafe.
  5. Use your "User Page" for personal information and "articles" for collaboration on collectable items.
  6. If you provide an external link on your User Page, please display the WikiStamps logo on the landing page with a link back to or your WikiStamps User Page. WikiStamps requests all external links on User Pages link back to WikiStamps.
  7. Do not use external links on articles to promote your personal website or product. Your User Page is available for personal use.
  8. If you would like credit on images, you may add it to the image page.
  9. Ads should be appropriate and relevant to the article, ie. don't post an ad for a Inverted Jenny on the Penny Black page. Misplaced or inappropriate ads will be deleted.
  10. Policies and guidelines are subject to change without notice.
  11. Be understandable and understood.