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Edward VII 2d Tyrian plum

The two pence (2d) Tyrian plum is a postage stamp produced by Britain in 1910 as a replacement for the bi-coloured stamp which was in current use at the time. Its longer appellation was given as it bore the likeness of King Edward VII.



A hundred thousand sheets totalling 24,000,000 stamps were printed and delivered to the post office stores for distribution to Postmasters. The circulation of these new stamps was delayed whilst existing stocks of the current stamp were used up so that the change would take effect at one time and the amount of surplus stock of the old value would be kept to a minimum.[1]

Following the death of Edward VII, it was decided not to go ahead with this new issue; almost all the stock was destroyed, and only a few examples survive.

A single used example is known used on a cover which was sent by the then Prince of Wales, later King George V, to himself. This example is in the Royal Philatelic Collection.


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