HMS Glasgow error

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HMS Glasgow error

The HMS Glasgow Error is a 6d postage stamp error produced by the Falkland Islands in 1964. It commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1914 Battle of the Falkland Islands.


  • Country of Production =
  • Location of Production=
  • Date of Production = 1964
  • Nature of Rarity = design error
  • Number in Existence = 17
  • Face Value = 6d
  • Estimated Value = SF 29,000


The design error featured the incorrect ship, HMS Glasgow, instead of HMS Kent which should have been used. Apparently one sheet was sent to a stamp dealer in the United States who did not notice the mistake.[1] It is believed that only the one sheet of 60 stamps was produced and only 17 stamps have been recorded.

One was sold in 2004 from the Sir Gawaine Baillie collection for £24,000, and another example was sold in May 2005 for SF29,000.[2]. More recently an example sold in December 2006 for £30,555.[3].


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