Gronchi Rosa

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Gronchi Rosa

The Gronchi Rosa is a rare Italian postage stamp design error. It was part of a 1961 issue for the voyage of president Giovanni Gronchi to three South American countries.


  • Country of Production = Italy
  • Location of Production =
  • Date of Production = 2 July 1961
  • Nature of Rarity = Design error
  • Number in Existence = unknown
  • Face Value = L. 205
  • Estimated Value =


Corrected borders on replacement

The 205 liras rosa was intended for the stopover in Peru. The artist made a mistake with the boundaries between Peru and Ecuador. The rose-colored stamp was quickly replaced by a grey version with corrected boundaries, but some philatelic souvenirs using the Gronchi Rosa already existed. A forgery of this stamp is known to exist.

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