Canada 2c Large Queen on laid paper

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2¢ Large Queen on laid paper, The rarest Canadian stamp

The 2¢ Large Queen on laid paper is the rarest postage stamp of Canada. Printed in 1868, it was not discovered until 1925, and so far only two are known to exist.


  • Country of Production = Dominion of Canada
  • Location of Production=
  • Date of Production= 1868
  • Nature of Rarity = Few remaining
  • Number in Existence = 2
  • Face Value = 2c
  • Estimated Value = US $125,000


The Large Queens were the first issue by the Dominion of Canada; they are so-called to distinguish them from the 1870 issues (the "Small Queens") which are similar in appearance but physically smaller. The Large Queens were normally printed on wove paper, but the 1¢, 2¢, and 3¢ values were also printed on the less-desirable laid paper. The 1¢ and 3¢ on laid paper were long-known although uncommon.

In 1925 a 2¢ green on laid paper was reported, although many authorities were dubious, and the Scott catalog did not list it until the 1930s. Bileski reported another in 1950. Both copies are used, and in "fine" condition.

The latest auction price recorded is US$125,000.

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