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The Basel Dove (German Basler Taube; Swiss-German Basler Dybli) is a notable stamp issued by the Swiss canton of Basel. It was issued on 1 July 1845 with a value of 2 1/2-rappen. At the time each canton was responsible for its own postal service. There were no uniform postal rates for Switzerland until after the establishment of a countrywide postal service on 1 January 1849. The only other cantons to issue their own stamps were Zürich and Geneva.


  • Country of Production = Switzerland
  • Location of Production= Basel
  • Date of Production= 1 July 1845
  • Nature of Rarity = Extremely rare
  • Number in Existence = Unknown
  • Face Value = 2 1/2 rappen
  • Estimated Value = CHF 18,000 CHF 37,500 on cover


The stamp, designed by the architect Melchior Berry, featured a white embossed dove carrying a letter in its beak, and was inscribed "STADT POST BASEL". The stamp is printed in black, crimson, and blue, making it the world's first tri-colored stamp.

The stamp was not valid for use after 30 September 1854, by which time 41,480 stamps had been printed. Collectors need to be aware that several forgeries have been circulated.[1]

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