4¢ Automobile

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4¢ Automobile
4¢ Automobile
Issuer USPS
Date Issued May 1, 1901
No. Issued 5,737,100
Printed By BEP
Print Method Flat plate
Watermark Double line
Perforations 12
Color Dark red-brown and black
Superb (S) $215.00
Extra Fine (XF) $190.00
Very Fine (VF) $170.00
Fine-VF (F-VF) $130.00
Fine (F) $95.00
Average (A) $80.00
Appraised On Mar. 5, 2013
Appraised By James

The 4¢ Automobile is the third of six in the 1901 Pan-American Exposition Commemoratives series.


The stamp portrays an "Electric Vehicle Service," an illustration based on a turn of the century Baltimore and Ohio Railroad flyer. There has been some debate as to whether this stamp was the first U.S. stamp to depict a living person[citation needed]. It is argued that the 2¢ Trans-Mississippi stamp holds that distinction and there is merit in Gary Griffith's argument that the two men depicted in the "front" seat are both chauffeurs and that the man in the passenger compartment is actually the "first living man" depicted on a U.S. stamp - Samuel P. Hege. We advise the reader to use the link to the Griffith article for more on this fascinating subject.