2¢ Fast Express

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2¢ Fast Express
2¢ Fast Express
Issuer USPS
Date Issued May 1, 1901
No. Issued 209,759,700
Printed By BEP
Print Method Flat plate
Watermark Double line
Perforations 12
Color Carmine and black
Superb (S) $65.00
Extra Fine (XF) $50.00
Very Fine (VF) $35.00
Fine-VF (F-VF) $25.00
Fine (F) $20.00
Average (A) $15.00
Appraised On Mar. 5, 2013
Appraised By James

The 2¢ Fast Express is the second of six in the 1901 Pan-American Exposition Commemoratives series.


This stamp portrays the "Empire State Express" out of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroads. The design honors a New York commercial venture. As with the one cent stamp, misregistration of the vignette was common, in fact more so on the two cent than on any others of the series. Shifts with the train well into the frame are known; "Fast" and "Slow" train varieties are popular among collectors. Inverts are known, but are not as common as the one cent inverts.